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The Story Behind "the spacemüs story"

The "real story"....

Behind the Band

So people have been asking us "What's the real story behind spaceMüs" Who is spaceMüs and where did this silly name come from?

The band started as a project between myself (Jeremy Gorman), my daughter Blair Gorman on vocals and our friend Ian Luke on drums.

Around April of 2018 Blair came to me and said "I'd really like to record the song 'I want You (She's So Heavy)' by the Beatles." My response was you mean with me?? And so it began. One song led to another and before we knew it, we had half a dozen songs in the works. Everything just clicked between the three of us. There were no rules and no intention of doing anything other than just having fun playing music together.

One day I asked Blair "So what should we call this project of ours" and she said "Well, space-moose, of course!" Why space-moose you may ask? Well that refers to a series of "off-the-top-of-my-head" stories I used to tell Blair when she was very young. They were utter nonsense of course, referring to a stuffed moose she had as a toy, but she loved hearing of all the adventures of her space traveling moose and I always got a kick out of making up ridiculous tales of this hapless creature traveling around the universe. Still... Space Moose as a name seemed a touch too obvious, so with a little tweak spaceMüs was born!

We we're working on our third song 'Hey' when Ian suggested we release some of these songs and so 'Hey' became our first single! Since then we have released our second single 'Friends / Within You Without You' and have another ten songs in the works!

And you can't go about releasing music without a social media presence, so now you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube as well as Spotify, Amazon etc...

Behind the Music

All the music is recorded entirely by the three of us (with the occasional "special guest") at my home studio in Santa Rosa, CA using Pro Tools 12.8 and a Mac Mini 2012. Vocal overdubs are using this same rig, but recorded in the Woodshed production room Bedrock LA in Los Angeles (the folks at Bedrock are fantastic!) Drum overdubs are done with my iPad utilizing Auria Pro at the Live Musicians Co-op in Santa Rosa. Mixing and mastering are done by me with a final mastering touch by Landr. All our music is distributed through CD Baby (the folks at CD Baby are also fantastic!!)

Behind the Videos

Ah the may have heard of low-cost videos, but these are no-cost videos! Well almost no cost. I did pay $39.95 for the video program, Video Pad Editor by NCH Software. You can get it for free, but I recommend supporting the folks at NCH. They make great low-cost software! 

Our videos are a combination of what we record on our iPhones and "found media" from public domain sites such as With a little imagination and a whole lot of irreverence you can create some pretty interesting stuff! I try to create a loose enough structure so the viewer to bring their own story to what they see. If nothing else it's interesting to look at!

So that's it really... who knows where this will all lead in the long run. If nothing else, we're having a whole lot of fun and it makes for an interesting story Blair can tell her friends after I have left his mortal coil. 

I hope all of you reading this are enjoying it too! Thanks for listening an downloading!! 

Jeremy  - spaceMüs