Passion and creativity.

About Us


What is spaceMüs?

A better questions is, what isn't spaceMüs! We aren't conventional or easily categorized. We love all kinds of music and are passionate about everything that we do. Whether we are playing our own songs or interpreting the works of others, spaceMüs is always intriguing.


What Inspires Us

We love music from all across the spectrum. From 15th century polyphony to Riot Grrl, BeBop to Irish Folk, Punk, Funk, showtunes, Japanese Art Pop, 80's Hair bands, the list is endless and so is our imagination.


Right...but what is a "spaceMüs"??

Ah yes... That's a tale to be told. But not just yet. Patience grasshopper. Look for the "spaceMüs story" tab at the top of the page for unfolding installments!

spaceMüs interview with Bob Boilen of NPR

We hit the jackpot being chosen to be interviewed by Bob Boilen of NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts about our song Hey at the 2019 DIY Musician's Conference in Austin, TX 

Jeremy got to talk about the inspiration behind and making of the spaceMüs' first single!

You can also hear Jeremy on the DIY Musicians Podcast here! (at 4:05 and 57:21) 

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